Nature - A Mens Retreat

What is the nature of men and how do we reconnect to our innate nature?

We start by doing our own work!

In this retreat we work with yoga and natural movement to explore the dynamics of movement, moving alone and with others. We train our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Elements of this weekend retreat include yoga, pranayama, free movement in nature, play and roughhousing moving alone and together, bonfire sessions, digital detox (no phones, no cameras, no watches, no wifi) meditation, sweat lodge and self inquiry. Through these practises we work to strengthen the body, mind, and connect to the tribe!

Diet will consist of simple organic home cooked meals suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

Location: A small forest in northern Djursland near Fjellerup.


Isa is a nomad by heart, travelling to wherever he is pulled to for inspiration and life lessons. His devotion and commitment serves as an inspiration for our continual growth, in service of our highest potential, to honor every individual journey and remind ourselves that we are free people.

Essential in his teaching is how everything in our daily life can be related to a higher purpose. Whether you are spiritual, religious or neither, he offers a space to sync in with whatever is present in your life at the moment. Conveying the beauty of presence awareness, in its wholeness.

His offerings in meditation, movement and musings, serve to expand your horizon, and encourage anyone interested in their own growth to find new ways of self discovery too. Finding your own authentic expression. A mix of alignment, freedom practises, laughter and bhakti!

By Camilla Hylleberg

By Camilla Hylleberg

Benjamin has practiced and taught natural movement since 2013, working with kids, adults and elderly people at retreats and festivals in Denmark and Europe. He holds a masters degree in interaction design in “Diet, movement and learning” and teaches an approach to movement training focusing on integrating movement in our everyday lives and our homes. Benjamin is passionate about teaching and have made it his mission is to inspire people to play and move more, together and on their own.



PRICE: 3600 KR - EARLY BIRD: 3300 KR (Ends on the 8th of July)

Please bring:
- Tent and a sleeping bag. Whatever you need to rest and sleep comfortably.
- Shoes for movement and training. Thin flat soles. We recommend Vivobarefoot, Feiyue or Evo
- Short and long training pants that allow the body to breathe and move (and at the same time can withstand being dirty and staying in the woods).
- Enough t-shirts to keep you dry and fresh to switch between the different workouts
- Water bottle.
- A yoga mat.
- Raincoat / windbreaker, warm clothes for the nights.
- Lots of courage to accept new bodily and mental challenges in a safe community.

We are looking forward to welcoming you the tribe!
Isa & Benjamin