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Retreat To The Wild

Retreat to the wild, open your senses and reconnect with your instincts. Welcome deep rest and reset your natural cycle with the bright sunlight and the quiet dark of night. Explore your physical and creative capabilities, through play, roughhousing and tree climbing, and learn how to move with power and softness through the surroundings of nature.

Join the tribe in our forest at the beautiful North Djursland for 6 full days of movement, play, rest, meditation and amazing food.

> 6 nights - arrive on the 2nd between 9am-12am. We say our farewell on the 8th at 2pm.
> 3 BÆST movement sessions a day.
   >> Natural movement, parkour, roughhousing, soft acrobatics, partner work, active    mobility, treeclimbing, barefoot running, dance, log lifting and play.
> 3 meals a day - Organic and 85% plant based. Few meals will include eggs and fish.
   >> We help each other cook and clean
> No phones, no wi-fi, no clocks - a digital detox to reboot your circadian rhythm.
> Breath work, mindful walks and meditation.
> Land art and sculpture workshops.
> Lectures on movement, sleep and play.
> and much more...

645 EUR/4800DKK


We have a pavilion with a kitchen on location for cooking and for lectures. There are toilets in the forest where we stay but we bathe in the lake.

Benjamin Buus and Marcus Udsen Grandjean will keep the red thread through the retreat and we will work with breakers, tree climbing, mobility and strength training as well as creativity. How do we train in nature, with nature?

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 12.45.10.png

Benjamin has practiced and taught natural movement since 2014, working with kids, adults and elderly people at retreats and festivals in Denmark and Europe. He holds a masters degree in interaction design in “Diet, movement and learning” and teaches an approach to movement training focusing on integrating movement in our everyday lives and our homes.
Benjamin is passionate about teaching and have made it his mission is to inspire people to play and move more, together and on their own.

Marcus has been teaching in the art of parkour since 2007 and besides that he holds a master's degree in human physiology, with focus on motor learning and neuroplasticity.
He has worked intensely on integrating personal growth and awareness in the practice of movement and health and he is greatly inspired by the philosophical realm of taoism and zen-buddhism. This relationship between movement and awareness, is also manifested in his interests for barefoot running, cold adaptation, minimalism, meditation and nutrition.

Our cook Mia is a passionated plant-based food and nutrition geek, and self-taught chef. She holds a Masters Degree in Integrated Food Studies. She has taught vegan and vegetarian cooking classes for the last 8 years and fell madly in love with the huge universe of fermentation a few years back. Easy, whole, and nutritious everyday food, sustainable dietary choices, and organics are all subjects that makes her heart beat a little faster. Mia has been eating mainly plants for the last 20+ years, is a trained yoga teacher, has recently transitioned to barefoot footwear and has also chosen to sell her box mattress in favor of sleeping on a cotton futon “just like the Japanese”

Please bring:
- Tent and a sleeping bag. Whatever you need to rest and sleep comfortably.
- Shoes for movement and training. Thin flat soles. We recommend Vivobarefoot, Feiyue or Evo
- Short and long training pants that allow the body to breathe and move (and at the same time can withstand being dirty and staying in the woods).
- Enough t-shirts to keep you dry and fresh to switch between the different workouts
- Water bottle.
- Raincoat / windbreaker, warm clothes for the nights.
- Lots of courage to accept new bodily and mental challenges in a safe community

We will take pictures during the retreat for documentation and future promotion of retreats on and Naturlig Trænings facebook and instagram page.

Any questions dont hesitate to write us at

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